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Forbairt Chonamara Láir Teo


Camus in Gaelic means winding inlet.

Camus is an area that has scenic views of the ocean, blanket bog and mountains. It is located 56.17km/34.9 miles from Galway City. Locals are bilingual speaking their native Irish language and English language fluently. It is an area rich in Irish culture, singing, music and dance. A place of historical interest in Camus is Camus Tower which was used as a lookout tower by the Irish to keep watch for the black & tans. Even though this tower now lies in ruins, you have panoramic scenic views of the surrounding region which includes the Twelve Pins mountains, Rosmuc, Carna and The Islands.


Scenic walks,fishing (shore, sea fishing), for fishing in local lakes and rivers, fishing permits can be purchased from Screebe Lodge.


Self catering accommodation,Cafe, Craft Shop, B&B and Church






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