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Forbairt Chonamara Láir Teo

Get Outdoors

The Connemara Gaeltacht is an adventure and sporting paradise. With our Irish climate most of our activities can be enjoyed all year round and is the perfect holiday for adventurist, families and couples alike.

How about walking? Long or short there are marked tracks in some of the most unspoilt and untouched countryside could be right up your alley or along the ocean with the Connemara Gaeltachts vast coastline, all of which are laid out by local walking club. An experience that will never to be forgotten. Then you have more challenging activities like, hill walking, rock climbing, scuba diving, sailing, mountain climbing, swimming in the sea out from the gorgeous sandy beaches or how about diving off one of our many piers?

Getting up close and personal to nature is easy in Connemara. Botanists and Ornithologists think of this area as a paradise, and geologists can’t get enough of our rocks. And with such a range of habitats, in such a small area, you can easily go from one extreme to the next with going from grassland, bogs, mountains to islands, deep oceans, interesting beaches, lakes and rivers  you are bound to find something that will make your eyes sparkle. The Connemara Gaeltacht could also take out the artist that’s within you, with the wonderful scenery at almost every corner, it’s bound to get your imagination going.

If its history you’re after, the Connemara Gaeltacht is just the right spot for you. You will have around 5000 years  of history to be discovered. The Connemara Gaeltacht has tombs, megalithic stones, earth forts, Christian churches, stone and ruins.

Saving the best until last are the people of Connemara, young and old. There is always someone ready for a chat, to play music, burst out a tune, drop a step or to tell you an old story in the most welcoming manner.

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